Introducing Vilo
for ISPs

A complete Wi-Fi hardware and remote management solution that empowers ISPs of any size to delight your customers, reduce your operating costs, and grow your busines

Why Vilo?


The Vilo mesh Wi-Fi system provides your subscribers with an upgraded Wi-Fi experience with whole-home coverage and connectivity for all their smart devices. Give your advanced users full access to extra features through the Vilo App.


Grow your business with accelerated ROI from our low-cost hardware (further bulk discounts available for ISP partners) and faster install time. Speed up troubleshooting and reduce truck rolls with deep insight into your subscribers’ networks through the ISP portal.


Designed with input and feedback from our ISP community, the Vilo for ISPs platform will keep evolving to meet and exceed your expectations. We’re here to support you every step along the way

Network Management
Made Easy. And Free.

> Check and manage SSID, password, network status, IP, MAC, etc.
> Remotely push & schedule firmware upgrades, restarts, & factory resets
> View connected devices & their signal strength
> Run speed tests and view speed history
> Detect interference & change channels and channel widt

ISP Resource Center

ISP Onboarding Instructions

How To Scan Vilos into Your Inventory in the Vilo ISP Portal

Why You Should Be Familiar With Bridge Mode

Why You Should Be Familiar With Port Forwarding

Why Firmware Upgrades Are Important and How to Perform Them

Why You May Need to Submit a Log and How to Do So

Download the Vilo Datasheet