Introducing Bark In-Home
Parental Controls

Get award-winning parental controls from Bark for FREE
(a $79 value) on all Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi Systems!

A Quick Guide to Bark’s In-Home
Parental Control

Screen Time for Every Device

From TV’s and Nintendos to PlayStations and iPads, Bark In-Home Parental Controls let you manage when your kids can access the internet on all the devices in your house..

Filter Websites

You can allow or block specific websites - or choose from 19 different categories like streaming services, online games, sexual content and more.

Block Games and Apps

Turn off access to apps and games with the tap of a button, whether it’s Netflix on TV, Fortnite on Playstation, or Youtube on a laptop.

Create Automatic Bedtimes

Decide which screen time rules apply when it’s time for bed. This can look like no internet at all or maybe just music or mindfulness apps that will help them wind down.

Set Custom Schedules

Different times of day call for different screen time rules. Limit distractions during the school day, allow gaming apps after homework’s done, and encourage rest after lights out.

Make SafeSearch Mandatory

Your kids won’t be able to turn off SafeSearch on YouTube, Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo across all home devices.

Pause the Internet

When things get hectic around your house, you can pause the internet anytime so your kid can take a breather. Who knows - you might even want to join them.


All existing and new Vilo users now have access to Bark In-Home Parental Controls absolutely free.

The Internet Filter for Families Raising Kids in the Digital Age.

Filter Websites on all of the Internet-Connected Devices in your House – Including Gaming Consoles, TVs and more.

How to activate Bark in Vilo App

Getting Started with Bark + Vilo

Connecting your family's devices to Bark

Create default screen time rules

Adding exceptions

Creating screen time schedules

How to pause the internet at any time

Switching rules on the fly

How to Activate Bark's In-Home Parental Controls from the Vilo App


Step 1

Enable Bark In-Home Parental Controls through the Vilo App

While connected to your Vilo home Wi-Fi, open the Vilo App on your phone, open Parental Controls on your network home page, and toggle the switch to enable Bark In-Home Parental Controls.

Step 2

Connect your Bark Account to Vilo

Vilo will open Bark’s login page where you can either sign in if you already are a Bark User or Register for an Account if you’re new to Bark. Once you’re signed in, Bark will automatically connect and activate on your Vilo network.


Step 3

Manage Bark In-Home Parental Controls through the Bark Dashboard

Now that Bark In-Home is enabled and activated on your Vilo, you can control what your kids can access online and when using smart TVs, gaming consoles, phones, and tablets by setting daily schedules and choosing allowed or blocked websites on each device through Bark’s Dashboard!

Step 4

Safer internet = Safer home

Now that your rules have been set up and dangerous sites blocked, it’s time for your whole family to enjoy a safer home internet experience!d!

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