Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi 5 System

Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi 5 System
Introducing Bark In-Home
Parental Controls

Get award-winning parental controls from Bark for FREE
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Meet Vilo

Easy to Use

Vilo has the easiest setup ever!

Convenient App

The Vilo app allows you to easily control your Wi-Fi network right from your phone.

Whole Home Coverage

Say goodbye to dead zones. With the Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System, we've got your entire home covered in fast and reliable internet. Up to 4,500 sq. ft. per 3-pack.

A Better Solution

More of us are working from home, learning remotely, and investing in smart home upgrades than ever before. But this means that our home Wi-Fi networks are really being put to the test… And since you’re here, we can tell your results haven’t been great.
When coping strategies like turning off the video during a Zoom call or pacing around your home for the best connection no longer worked, you probably scrambled to add range extenders/boosters/repeaters in hopes of amplifying the Wi-Fi signal, only to be disappointed.

Get Online in Minutes
with the Vilo App

Set up your home Wi-Fi in under 5 minutes, manage all your Wi-Fi connected devices from the palm of your hands, and limit your kids’ screen time.

Unleash The Power of Mesh

Mesh Wi-Fi is designed to blanket your entire home with strong and fast Wi-Fi signals


What is Mesh?

With several routing devices wirelessly connected to each other, a mesh system broadcasts your Wi-Fi signal through multiple access points, eliminating any dead spots in your house and allowing you to roam free without ever having to connect to a different network.

Control What Matters

The Vilo app allows you to easily control your Wi-Fi network right from your phone.

Set Up a Guest Network

Create a guest network to share with friends and family. With the option to set network duration, you don’t have to remember to turn it off.

Check Network Status

Monitor the health of your network and optimize its performance, all with a touch of a button.

Control What Matters

Manage All Your Devices

See which devices are connected to which Vilo, and with a quick touch of your finger, block the unrecognized device from connecting to your home network.

View Data Usage

Keep a tab on data usage for all your connected devices as well as the overall Wi-Fi network.

Where to Buy Vilo

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